How To Play Homework Games: Tips For Elementary School Teachers

Kids are extremely pliable and this makes them adorable as well. Elementary teachers; those who tackle kids and even toddlers in schools, have to invent the homework games so that kids can learn even while getting an impression that they are actually playing.

Here are a few games that may come in handy

  • The chart paper magic – Create a 10X10 square with different numbers written in each square (total 100 squares). Now, you can pose different questions below the squares – What are 9 times 7? The kid has to find the answer among the squares (one of the squares will have 63 written in it).
  • Cardboard trick – You may place different colored coupons in a cardboard box. Kids get fascinated by colors. Each coupon may have a different task written in it. Say, memorize 8’s table or a particular nursery rhyme. This enhances the kid’s cognitive as well as socializing skills.
  • Photo stories – This is very popular. Show kids a collage of illustrations and ask them to devise a story out of it. Keep the tenets progressive and linear so as not to confuse the kids. You should yourself conjure an impacting story to impress the kids later on.
  • Pointing mistakes – You can ask kids to point out words in a passage whose spellings are wrong. You should then exhort them to remember the correct spellings and in effect, the words. They learn better when they are brought to a fold in an inquisitive manner.
  • Building blocks – You can ask kids to categorize blocks according to size and then write words starting with same alphabet on similar boxes. You can place a condition; the word should have two vowels or should be 6-letter long.
  • Creating stories – You can ask them to write a story that involves both them and their favorite cartoon character. This sharpens their analytical and creative skills with the same dart. You can raise the bar by exhorting an additional character, real or fictional.
  • Color coding – You can ask them to draw and color similar entities; say, fruits, vegetables; vehicles et al. This will be your way to check out the colors they utilize for the different entities and how correctly they do it. This makes them understand and thus separate one entity from other.

You can of course come up with your own interesting homework games to dazzle the kids. Make sure that they learn something new while they play.