How To Stop Delaying School Homework: Useful Strategies

Procrastinators would admit it guiltily: there is no time that is appropriate enough to do homework until the last minute when the bell is tolling, and it’s time to go. There are many reasons why students delay school assignments: they might not understand the text, or be afraid of making mistakes and being ridiculed in the class. However, some of us are just plain lazy, wouldn’t you say? It is these people that have the hardest time of doing their homework because they are so busy doing nothing that they forget to do everything! Fear not, if you are one of those students, here are some tips to help you get back on track.

How to stop delaying school homework

  1. 1. Set an alarm: There is nothing peskier in the world than an alarm clock. If you want motivation to study, take an alarm clock and set it for a ten-minute interval. Every time it rings, it will remind you to study or complete your homework. You may avoid it for some time, but eventually you will be forced to either study or throw the alarm clock out of your window. For even more motivation, hand the clock over to a parent or sibling, and tell them to encourage you to study every time it rings.
  2. 2. Break your homework into parts: If you find it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time or are scared of too much matter at once, break it up into parts. Take a short break after completing each part: listen to a song or two, walk around, or eat something. Then, get around to completing the next part. Make sure, however, that your breaks do not consist of any such activity as will keep you away from studies for too long, such as television or video games.
  3. 3. Study with your friends: Another great idea is to form a study group with your friends and do your homework together. Not only will this help you work faster, but you can also ask for help readily. For more motivation, study in a suitable environment, such as a library, or a spare classroom in your school.

Moreover, keep finding new ways to motivate yourself, and don’t be disappointed if others find a system faster than you do. Not everyone works the same way. Make sure you are diligent enough to realize that you need to buckle down and start working: this will give you all the determination you need.