4 Reasons Why Too Much Homework Is Bad For Your Health

Homework allows you to continue thinking and challenging yourself without the presence of a teacher or professor observing you; however, being assigned too much research to be completed during your free time probably doesn’t benefit you as much as your teachers may think it does. Too much homework is just not good for your health. Here’s why:

  • Balance is key
  • Spending too much time on a given essay or term paper will take away from other activities. Finishing your thesis in one evening may help you achieve your educational goals, but you are in turn sacrificing social or downtime. Cramming in the last pages of your dissertation or essay isn’t worth losing time with loved ones. Balancing a social life, physical health, and homework is the key to living a fulfilled life.

  • Working too hard will make you resent your education
  • It’s important to realize that learning is a privilege but when we are dealing with an overload, it’s easy to loathe the learning process. Whether you’re completing a dissertation or freelance work, it should be completed in just the right increments so that you can enrich your learning a bit each day, but not so much that it makes you want to pull your hair out. Resentment is never healthy.

  • Stress causes us to mistreat our bodies.
  • People typically react to stress by overeating unhealthy foods, or not eating enough at all. When stressing over a term paper or research assignment, fatty foods may bring you comfort and lower your stress. Some people completely lose their appetite when overwhelmed with stress. Stress can literally cause us to lack the nutrition our bodies need to be healthy and aware.

  • Too much school work equals not enough sleep
  • When you are on a time crunch to complete multiple assignments, sometimes you have to sacrifice more than social time. Many people give up hours of sleep in order to make a decent grade. Sleep allows us to focus and remain aware in our day-to-day lives while maintaining the energy to continue learning and complete our tasks the next day. Missing out on sleep to complete your freelance job assignment or thesis will cause a domino effect of unproductivity.

Never overwork or overwhelm yourself when it comes to completing homework. The costs may just outweigh the benefits. Listen to your body!