Top Reasons Why Unfair Homework Should Be Banned

Do you think that you have been affected by unfair homework recently? Some people think that this kind of practice should be banned from schools and other study centres. Among the drawbacks, you will find student frustration being one of the most concerning issues. The lack of motivation is a serious detriment to educational progress. Therefore, something should be done about any task that is not actually done by the author in order to equalize the situation.

Checking the originality

Nowadays, it is much easier to make sure that certain content is 100% original. In order to get this issue checked, there are software tools provided by third-party companies. If you think about it, this is a major concern for companies but it could be applied to education, as well. Any document can be scanned in order to find out if the content has been copied from any source on the Internet.

In this regard, there are also free pieces of software that allow you to carry out these tests. However, free versions are somewhat simpler in a general basis. Some teachers prevent this kind of situation by asking students to write essay by hand, for instance. Despite being possible to copy from any source, having to do it by hand makes it much less worth the time for the student. In addition, it is evident to most teachers when a student has an assignment done by someone else.

Reasons to ban this behaviour

Provided that fair students will dedicate time to the assignments, it is just a matter of equality to opt for this choice. In other words, someone who does not dedicate the same amount of time in the homework does not deserve the same mark, right? Therefore, teachers should assess personal knowledge as well as skill. This does not mean that someone who dedicates more time deserves a better mark automatically, though.

This ban implies that there has to be an effort by every student to come up with excellent tasks on their own. In addition, the only way to consistently learn about the subject is to study in a regular basis. Moreover, the main purpose of homework is to outline the study process for the pupil. As consequence, having someone else do your homework does not serve this objective and is unfair to your classmates in any case scenario.