How To Do Programming Homework: Helpful Manual For High School Students

More and more high schools are incorporating programming into the curriculums. It is a great opportunity for students to understand more about the field and investigate if they think it might be a good path for them to pursue in college and as a career. However, the homework for programming classes can be a big challenge for students. Not only does it involve many of the same challenges as classes such as math or physics, but it relies on working through the pathways of computers, which for most students is largely and unknown.

Follow this helpful manual to get through your high school programming homework efficiently and effectively:

  • Work through problems in sets of like questions
  • The first step is to identify what kinds of problems or questions are included in your assignment, and to group them into sets of like questions. Once you have these sets you can work through each set separately. This is helpful because it allows you to see patterns and similarities between questions. It will also allow you to more efficiently set up the parameters on your computer needed for each set of questions.

  • Read questions and instructions carefully
  • One of the best ways to get a better grade on your programming assignment and to get it done in less time is to take a moment to read each question carefully before you begin working on it. Misreading a question can waste a lot of your time when you have to go back and fix it, or it can cost you silly points, hurting your grade.

  • Write out what information you’ve been given and what you need to accomplish
  • One of the best ways to make sure that you clearly understand the question and to come up with a good strategy for it solving it, is to write out all the information you’ve been given in the problem, and to write out exactly what you need to find to solve it.

  • Break questions down into steps
  • Often times with programming to find the solution or accomplish the prompt you’ll need to complete several steps. Breaking the question into its steps will allow you to solve each step independently. This will also make it easier for you to identify where your mistake is if you make one.

  • Check your answers carefully
  • You should always check your answers carefully. Depending on what your programming homework is this may require you to run your program twice.