How To Cope With High School Homework For Year 9: Effective Strategies

The best way to cope with high school homework, especially for students new to year 9, is to be prepared. Even if the student has gotten off to a bad start, it isn’t too late to get organized and caught up and form some really great habits. Here is a list of effective strategies to help your student be the best they can academically:

  1. 1. Have perfect attendance. That’s right, they should attend every class. There are important skills and lessons they shouldn’t miss. Being there allows them to ask pertinent questions and get help from the teacher when needed. Encourage them to leave their electronics in their locker so they don’t become distracted. 2. Keep a schedule or agenda so that exams and homework assignments don’t get missed.
  2. 3. Concentrate on what is being taught. If the other classmates are being too disruptive, the student should ask to be seated in an alternate location.
  3. 4. Start reviewing early for exams. Don’t wait until the night before a big exam to try and study, review and remember what was taught several weeks or even months ago.
  4. 5. After an exam, take a few moments to regain your energy and relax yourself. Drink some water to rehydrate, get a healthy snack and let your mind rest a few minutes.
  5. 6. Always get good, adequate, restful sleep. For students this age, they need a minimum of 8 but preferably 9 – 10 hours of sleep each night. They will be able to focus better and feel more on top of things when they have had sufficient sleep.
  6. 7. Drink plenty of water before an exam, and if allowed, take a water bottle into the exam with you.
  7. 8. Stay organized and set aside a certain time for each day to complete your homework. There may be times you have to adjust this schedule, but it’s better to have a schedule and try to stick to it than not have a schedule at all.
  8. 9. Homework before electronics. Once the year 9 student starts a favorite movie or video game, it’s difficult to get them off of it and focused on homework. It’s a much more effective strategy to have them do homework first and then use video game time as a reward.
  9. 10. When needed, they can attend extra help classes. Sometimes these are offered during school hours and sometimes after school.