How To Do Your History Homework: 5 Great Suggestions

Learning how to do your homework efficiently and effectively is essential for students. As you go through school, and maybe enter university, you’ll be expected to do more and more homework each week. But students increasingly have other demands of their time, from sports and extracurricular activities, to family and friends obligations, which compete for their time and energy. If you are struggling to get your history homework done with enough time for everything else, here are five great suggestions to help you:

  • Give yourself plenty of time
  • The greatest key to success on any assignment is to give yourself enough time to do it thoroughly and carefully, and to leave time to get help or have questions answered if you need it. If you are given several days to complete an assignment, try to get it out of the way the first day you have it. And if you estimate the assignment will take you an hour to complete it, try to block off the entire time where you can work on it uninterrupted.

  • Read through all the material before you begin answering questions
  • Often times history assignments involve reading a chapter in a textbook or reading a document, and then answer questions about it. Many students are tempted to answer the questions as they go, or to simply skim for the answers. By reading through all the material before you begin answering questions you’ll be able to answer the questions more completely, better understand how concepts are related, and spend less time flipping back and forth trying to find answers. You’ll also be more closely mimicking test conditions, so you’ll have more practice answering these questions from memory when it comes time to take a test.

  • Plan out essay questions before you begin writing
  • Just like you might outline an essay question on a test before you write, try to do the same thing on essay questions on homework. Even if you don’t physically map it out, at least think through your answer, trying to tie together as many of the concepts covered as possible, and then begin writing.

  • Answer the questions you know first
  • Another good test taking strategy to practice on your homework assignments is to start with the questions you know when you finish reading. After you’ve gone through and answered them, then go back and look up any questions you don’t know the answer for.