How To Handle Your Spelling Homework: Tips For 3rd Grade Students

3rd grade students are quite young; say, 7-9 years. What we learn at that age remains with us till we die. Think of how we still remember ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘Allegorical stories.’ Therefore, the base has to be wedged with sincerity.

Correcting ways

Now, these students are new to written English and are prone to spelling mistakes. This attribute needs to be corrected with passion and indulgence. There are strategic means to inculcate the habit of handling the spelling homework.

Here are some of the means in detail

  • Repetition – Here, your kid is supposed to repeat the spelling of 7 difficult words 5 times. Once he repeats, he should write them in an exercise copy. This spelling homework provides finality.
  • Coloring – He should keep a chart paper posted on his reading wall and assign a section for his spelling test. Here, he writes 7 hard words and color them differently. The color attracts focus and thus the spelling is easier to remember.
  • Jumble – Here, he is given a collection of 5-6 letter words in jumble. He has to assort the medley into words. His innate capacity towards spelling homework improves considerably with this exercise.
  • Share game – You can indulge your kid into a share game where he asks you the spelling of a word and you do the same. Make sure you keep the words to his standard. The logic of course does not apply to him.
  • Dictation – Let him take dictation with intelligently inserted words and see the number of spelling mistakes he makes. Point them out in bold circle and ask them to work on these spellings. Gradually, their spelling mistake will begin to lessen.
  • Reading extracts – This is an innovative spelling homework. Prepare extracts with punctuation mistakes and spelling mistakes and ask your kid to find them. This will soon make him extremely compatible with mistakes and he will become more polished.
  • Comic strips – This is what they enjoy reading. Ask them to mark difficult words and remember the spelling. After all, their favorite cartoon character is not messing the spelling; so why should they. Another innovative spelling homework!

Devise the idea

There are many more existing types of spelling homework for 3rd grade students. You can also devise a handful yourself. The final plan should be to ensure that your kid instills the quality of writing words correctly. With the right base, he will take to the subject with more acumen in future grades.