9 Simple Hints That Helped Me To Do My Homework

It took me a while when I started getting homework on a regular basis to get into the swing of doing it. Part of me wanted to rebel, and stuff the consequences but then the sensible side of me knew that failing to do it would only lead to more trouble. So, rather than bucking the system, I decided to roll with it. Here are 9 simple hints that helped me to do my homework.

I made sure that I had everything to hand

By making sure that I had everything that I could possibly need – and then some – to hand, I was able to crack on with my homework whenever I decided to. Don’t get me wrong. This wasn’t instantaneous and it took me a good few weeks of suddenly realizing that I was missing a vital text book, or charcoal for my art assignment before it began to sink in. Now, I have fine-tuned it, it is no longer an issue for me.

I didn’t do it while stressed

Okay, so this is definitely easier said than done but there really is nothing to be gained from attempting to do your homework when stressed; something I had to learn the hard way. Yes, there are always going to be things that can potentially derail you but the trick is in getting into the right mindset before you start.

I tried to do it as soon as possible

Again, this wasn’t always possible as there were nights when I came in feeling absolutely exhausted BUT I tried not to let myself come up with excuses, or reasons not to do something.

I stayed off my smartphone

Now, this REALLY felt like a killer! Facebook and Instagram are just so tempting! But, the more time I had checking my newsfeed, the longer I ended up having to do my homework.

I tried not to cut corners

I am human, of course, there were times when I maybe took a brief shortcut when I was 99% certain that I would get away with it BUT I tried not to do it too often. The last thing that I wanted to have to do was revisit my studies!

I rewarded myself with a treat

I am not talking anything fancy here. However, I always found that having something to look forward to was enough to motivate me to get my homework done. So, that might be something as simple as hanging out with my friends.

I wasn’t afraid to get help

Help comes in many different shapes and sizes and can be anything from parents to formal homework helpers. If you need help, get it.

I embraced the internet

With so many tailor made websites and smartphone apps just waiting to be downloaded, you would be foolish not to make use of the internet.

I accepted it

Okay, so this may seem strange to you but sometimes simply accepting the fact that something needs to be done is powerful enough!