How Can I Help My Child Focus On Homework: Useful Tips To Keep In Mind

Getting your child to focus on homework is a struggle faced by parents all over the world. It most certainly is not a poor reflection on your skills as a parent. The fact is that children’s attention spans are shorter and it take creative new approaches to learning to keep them engaged. To follow are some useful tips to keep in mind when helping your child focus on homework, while maintaining both your cool and your sanity.

Minimize distractions. Kids can be easily distracted. It is important to minimize distractions. Simple things like turning off the television or any music playing help eliminate things that can shift your child’s attention in another direction. Keep in mind that too little noise may also serve as a distraction. The white noise of a small fan in the room on low may provide just enough background noise to eliminate the distraction of no noise.

Set the stage. Eliminating distractions by designating a space that is conducive to thinking and comfortable to do homework in is essential to your child’s success in completing his or her homework. Again, too little distractions can act as too little noise, and be just as distracting.

Snacks for success. Providing your child with a snack to nibble on during homework, is an effective way to combat distractions before they occur. A rumbling tummy can not only prove distracting, but if your child is hungry, they will not be able to focus on the task at hand.

Think outside of the box. Sometimes, as parents, we need to think back to the challenges that we had when we were children, learning. What concepts did we find hard to grasp, that now come to us seemingly second nature? We have the advantage of years of experience and advanced critical thinking skills that we can help present our children’s learning topics in a new way.

When teaching math concepts such as fractions, we can cut up construction paper into strips and illustrate what 1/5 looks like. Make learning interesting and fun by presenting things in fresh new ways. Studies also show that when we can provide hands on learning, making learning spatial, kids retain the knowledge better.

By thinking out of the box and minimizing distractions, we can help our children become more focused learners. Homework will no longer be a chore, but an opportunity for you to connect on a deeper level with your child.