Dyslexia Homework Strategies: 5 Suggestions For Parents

Homework is troublesome for every students and this trouble increase many times, if the child is dyslexic. Parents of these students have to be very careful and give more time to their kids to help them understand the concepts and requirements of the task assigned by their teacher. A dyslexic child requires five times more effort than a normal child to understand and comprehend the questions in both writing and speech. This increases the workload for the parents as well because they want to create a dyslexia friendly environment for their kid.

Consider the tips below in order to help you kid with dyslexia to complete his tasks

  1. 1. Do not start the homework right after they come from school. You need to give them an hour or more as a break so that they can feel fresh and energetic. Make sure this break is not watching the television or playing a video game. The break should be an outdoor activity that involves exercise. Exercises like running, playing outside, sports, riding, bicycling, and going for a walk improve the blood circulation, and it can work wonders for your kid. This also helps your kid feel fresh and active after a mind numbing day at school
  2. 2. When your kid gets back from the exercise or play, ask them to take a shower and prepare a quick meal for them that involves proteins. Kids love to eat flavored yogurts, protein bars, raw nuts, peanuts, and eggs in different meals. Avoid adding sugars to this meal because this makes them hyperactive and they tend to crash as soon as the sugar wears off. This meal will provide them enough energy to start their work and stay active and concentrated while writing their paper
  3. 3. This is your responsibility to make sure that they have all their homework with them because dyslexics have a tendency to forget. This is beyond their control so you can ask their teacher to send you a sheet for their home tasks
  4. 4. Stay in touch with the teacher and arrange in advance for upcoming tests, quizzes, and competitions. Your kid will be bad at arranging and organizing his tests and deadlines because they have a bad memory. You need to make sure you stay in regular touch with his teacher
  5. 5. Create star charts and set rewards for them so that they can do their work on their own